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The Value of Home Respiratory Equipment for Your Loved One

It’s a commonly known fact that patients tend to feel happier and progress faster when they recuperate at home with their families. However, as a caregiver for your loved one, scheduling doctor visits, and running about for doctor’s appointments can be a real hassle. Taking time out of your day to call multiple vendors for your respiratory needs can be both frustrating and inconvenient.

Well, that’s where Brotherston Home Respiratory comes in handy. At Brotherston, our primary goal is to be a valuable partner in making your experience as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. We provide a wide variety of Home Respiratory Equipment, including ventilators, oxygen, monitoring devices, and other accessories that your loved one requires to be cared for at home.

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Benefits of Home Respiratory Equipment

Accessing quality home respiratory care is often a lifesaving necessity rather than a luxury for critically ill patients. For people struggling with respiratory illnesses such as respiratory failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), home respiratory equipment is vital for improving their health outcomes, independence, and quality of life—all in the comfort of their own homes. Here is how our home respiratory equipment adds value and convenience to the health and comfort of your loved one.
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1: Provides Life Sustenance Therapy Home respiratory equipment helps to provide patient-centered care for your ailing loved one to help them breathe easier. More importantly, it provides life-sustaining therapy by allowing your patient to remain in the comfort of their homes. Your physician will only prescribe respiratory therapy. From there, our experienced clinical staff will take over to provide equipment, supplies and therapy services in the comfort of your home. This saves you the cost and hassle of going to inpatient settings such as nursing homes or hospitals. 2: Longer, Better Quality of Life Ailing patients can be extremely vulnerable, especially if they have serious respiratory illnesses such as BPD & COPD. Our home respiratory therapy will help them maintain a better quality of life. Moreover, Respiratory failure and COPD are not a singular disease but a condition that encompasses a variety of respiratory illnesses, including BPD, refractory asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.

3: Better Rest and Prevention of Secondary InfectionsPatients with Respiratory Failure & COPD may have their lung functions deteriorate, making them unable or unwilling to leave home lest environmental factors like pollution, pollen, or viruses make it even harder for them to breathe. Some patients also struggle to get around on their own since even walking can result in severely labored breathing. Having our home respiratory equipment at home allows your loved ones to have adequate rest and better health within the comfort of your home.

4: Cost-Effective Care
Overall, home health care is a cost-effective alternative to hospitalization, especially if your senior relies on Medicare. According to a study published in the American Journal of Accountable Care, patients receiving treatment in a home-based setting are less likely to be readmitted to the hospital or emergency rooms.

5: Happier Lifestyles
Perhaps most importantly, having our home respiratory equipment will improve the overall happiness and wellbeing of your loved one. Like most Americans, seniors suffering from respiratory illnesses such as Respiratory Failure and COPD value the freedom to be treated in the comfort and privacy of their homes.
This is especially true for peopel who live in rural or underserved areas who may have difficulty accessing reliable transportation. One study found out that over 3.6 million Americans, most of whom are oxygen patients, miss medical appointments due to lack of reliable transportation. Having our home respiratory equipment can alleviate this trend and save lives.

Brotherston Homecare Has Got Your Back!

At Brotherston Homecare, we provide all the latest respiratory equipment and technology that you and your loved one need. Our experienced clinical staff will provide complete setup, education, follow-up, and 24/7 support for all equipment and respiratory therapies. Additionally, we offer enteral products for high-tech respiratory patients as well as other critical ancillary equipment and supplies.

Whether your loved one is suffering from COPD, Respiratory Failure, or any other respiratory illness, we have all the best ventilators, O2, and respiratory equipment on the market and are constantly evaluating new technology that will help our patients have a better quality of life at home. If you are interested in any respiratory product for your loved one, please contact us to speak with one of our high tech specialists.